Free teleprompter software scrolls your text, allowing you to read your lines quickly and easily. It offers both automatic scrolling and voice-activated scrolling, which synchronizes the speed with your speech.

GETTING STARTED: To display your script on a teleprompter, copy and paste it into this window and adjust the font size and speed. Press the play button at the top to begin. Use the 'Horizontal Flip' button to mirror your script if needed. Click on the instructions icon above for full manual and instructional videos.

COST: The software is available for free and does not have any trial periods, upgrades, or limitations.

SUPPORT: Please feel free to email (don't forget to refer to the instructions at the top first).

MULTILINGUAL SUPPORT: It is possible to utilize non-English characters, including Kanji.

CELL PHONES & TABLETS: On mobile devices, press the Menu icon to access the buttons.

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE: Don't forget to bookmark this page!

FONT COLORS: Font colors are enabled by clicking the button at the top, which turns on rich text copy/pasting. When using this mode, you have the option to write your teleprompter script in a separate program like Word or another editor, and then easily transfer it to this screen while maintaining your desired formatting.

ZOOM CONFERENCING TELEPROMPTER: Teleprompter software is a versatile tool that can enhance various aspects of video recording, public speaking, and virtual meetings. It can be seamlessly integrated with popular platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype, allowing users to maintain direct eye contact while referring to their prepared notes. This efficient approach enables streamlined meetings and the delivery of precise and comprehensive information.

WEB BROWSER TELEPROMPTER: The program is browser-based, eliminating the need for any downloads or installations. If you prefer to download, you can use the Windows and Mac links at the top of this page.

SCRIPT EDITING ON CELL PHONES & TABLETS: The software can be used on both desktop PCs and smaller devices, and it is recommended to use a bluetooth keyboard or connect a USB keyboard to your cell phone, tablet, or iPad for easier editing. Using a touchpad keyboard or mouse can further enhance the editing experience.

VOICE ACTIVATED SCROLLING: You can activate voice scrolling in the Chrome browser with the microphone button. This takes you to a separate webpage which is dedicated to the voice feature. Once you're on that page, you'll be able to copy/paste your script back in.

YOUR PRIVACY WHEN USING THIS SOFTWARE: We do not store your scripts. Text is only stored locally on your web browser, so scripts aren't uploaded to a server.

UPDATES: We're constantly working on the code to add features, fix bugs, and improve documentation. This version was released on July 21st, 2023.

LOADING YOUR SCRIPTS: To copy/paste in Windows, use CTRL+C / CTRL+V and on Mac, use Command+C / Command+V. Need to paste without formatting? In Windows, it's Ctrl+Alt+V and on Mac, it's Option+Shift+Command+V. Another option is to right click and choose paste as plain text.

EDITING & SAVING SCRIPTS: You have the option to edit your scripts on this page or use copy/paste to load them from another program. Utilize the save and load buttons to store it on your computer for future use.

PRACTICE TELEPROMPTING: If you need teleprompter practice, you can press play now to start practicing with this pre-written script. You have the option to adjust the font size and speed to suit your teleprompting practice.

SETTING THE SPEED: You can adjust the speed to a comfortable pace or use the microphone icon for voice-activated scrolling.

MIRROR FLIPPING YOUR SCRIPT: To mirror flip your text, click on the icon above. For teleprompter or beamsplitter mirror options, please visit our website,

COMPATIBLE OPERATING SYSTEMS: Works on Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, Linux, and more.

KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS: Control your teleprompter with the following hotkeys:

Up: Increases Font Size

Down: Decreases Font Size

Left: Slow Down Script

Right: Speed Up Script

Space: Starts / Stops Scrolling

Esc: Rewinds your script back to the start

F11: Fullscreen Browser (Fn+F11 on compact keyboards)

If you are experiencing difficulties with the keyboard shortcuts, it is recommended to use your mouse or touch screen to click on the script once it is running in order to enable keyboard input on the screen.


ABOUT US: We have received many inquiries about my YouTube video recording process. Currently, I am using a chromakey backdrop and a teleprompter to create my videos. This allows me to script my lines beforehand and add visuals during post processing.

A teleprompter is a device that uses a beamsplitter mirror to display a script in front of a camera. It enables the speaker to prepare and deliver detailed scripts effortlessly.

The highly transparent mirror allows my camera to record without any tint, and because my script is placed in front of the lens, I am able to maintain direct eye contact with my audience.

Hi, I'm Krista! I'm a videographer, actress, and anything else I want to be when using my teleprompter! I made this script to help you speak your lines fluidly and confidently on camera.

I hope you enjoy this software and find it useful for sharing your message with the world!

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